CYCYB Ltd and its network of Educational Centres, CYBERNET TRAINING CENTERS, have placed as their objective the maintenance of avant-garde in the Training Sector in the Cypriot Market. Such a high objective is achieved only via constituted, intelligent and flexible strategy based in the continuous retroaction, supply, reaction but also innovation in relevant internal and external economic elements of the market.

For the implementation of this strategy, CYCYB Ltd, gives highest priority in the exploitation of its human potential, in its continuous relation with customers, in the continuous upgrade of products and services offered and all these through the prism of the daily and dynamic development of the economic and socio – political environment of the Cypriot Market.

Feel with us the force of network

Educational material

The existing educational material supports each training program separately, and provides complete handouts to the student.

Educational seminars

Organising and conducting educational seminars all over Cyprus, strengthening thus the effort for the decentralisation of education.


There exists a complete and qualitative thematic framework of educational programs, which offers solutions in academic and professional interest.


Available programs depending on the educational needs of individuals, enterprises and organisms all over Cyprus.


Complete and experienced staff, that enjoys recognition and positive evaluation from the majority of the business and educational field.


Professionals and staff aware of the processes of concretisation and application of educational programs in the most effective way.