They will learn everything they need in order to use easily and quickly a modern personal computer.

The program is structured in the following way:

  • General Knoweldge
  • Familiarization with foreign languages
  • Information Process
  • Internet
  • Artistic Creation
  • Attitude building
  • Movement and Production
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Oral and Written reasoning
  • Architectural Designing
  • Classifications
  • Technical Knowledge

The students mobilize the total of knowledge gained so that they achieve objectives based on real life situations. Our students conceive and develop all the precious tools that are hidden behind the computers.

Main aim of the program is to get children in contact with the computer and the technology and through an amusing process to familiarize them with its operation. The students are informed for what they should be careful when they use a computer, they deal with painting and drawings, they create and process improbable sounds, they create puzzles, they go in and out in labyrinths and have a first contact with the numbers and the letters of Greek language.

The objective of the Primary program is to teach children of preschool age basic significances of mathematics, writing and reasoning. Simultaneously they acquire familiarity with the mouse and the keyboard. Coming in contact with the computers from such a young age, helps them acquire faculties that will accompany them in all aspects of their life.

In Adults programs one can register anytime during the school year.

In the full programs of study students can register twice per year, on September-October and December-January.

The dangers that children are exposed when being trained on personal computers are many and widely known: isolation, sense of loss of control of time, distortion of advantages that offer the new technologies. These are only few of the dangers that educators and psychologists place as subjects for reflection.

CYBERNET Training Centers have conceived the importance of this issue and for this reason the educational programs have been developed in collaboration with educators and children psychologist. Our instructors do not simply teach but they mainly “communicate” the knowledge, but they do:

  • Create a safe sentimental environment in the class
  • Cultivate the group learning and the common spirit in the search of more suitable ways for the achievement of class objectives
  • Award in all the stages of learning
  • Distribute the time of teaching between dialogue and action on the PC

At CYBERNET TRAINING CENTERS before the beginning of each course we teach children in the blind system using special programs of learning. In order to type with “blind system” in the PC, it is a dexterity that in our reason it does not need schoolteacher in order for you to learn doing it. It mainly needs patience and persistence.

The Cypriot Government as well as the European Union do not have – up to today – officially recognized any of the existing certifications, as sufficient proof of knowledge of use of a PC.

However the need for a certification of basic at least knowledge of handling a PC and usual applications is real, therefore there exist important clues that such recognition will take place in few years , at least for one or more certificates.